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So one month later and the hipsisters are still flogging the dead horse of the MRA Mad Max boycott that never was for the sole purpose of expressing their disdain for the last and biggest taboo subject in the rainbow coloured arena of identity politics.

New York based pop culture and film writer Zeba Blay has eloquently femsplained the magical marketing myth even further into the realm of being remembered as an actual real thing in her effort for the US edition of the Huffington Post: This Avengers Parody Comic Perfectly Illustrates The Absurdity Of ‘Men’s Rights’.

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Her article celebrates the debut of comic book newbie Daniel Bein who’s also jumped aboard the the Mad Max sex-war rig to fire both barrels at ‘the absurdity of the men’s rights movement‘.  In his ‘scathing’, ‘hilarious‘ and ‘epically funny‘ Avengers parody, Bein portrays a trope of ‘MRA super heroes’ interrupting the film in question to do battle with an equally caricatured gaggle of macho “Feminazis” (assumingly while any mere mortals in attendance simply try to ignore them both and get on with watching the post apocalyptic action).

‘This comic is a parody. Among other things, it is a response to the recent boycott of the film, Mad Max: Fury Road, by so-called “men’s rights activists” (MRAs). The boycott was originally suggested by writer Aaron Clarey, and though Clarey doesn’t call himself an MRA, he seems to fit the bill. And the idea of a boycott seemed to be adopted by the MRA crowd’.  Daniel Bein – Comedy Comic Genius 

Anybody over the age of duh will be able to comprehend that, much like ‘feminism’, the concept of ‘male right’s activism’ does in reality encompass a very broad a church of people, ideologies and issues.  The subtly of concepts like the apex fallacy or the seriousness of issues like the silent suicide epidemic may genuinely pass privileged people like Zeba and David by but it goes beyond the point of irony when someone who feels the need to take time out of their day to hate on MRAs, does so under cover of purporting to champion women’s rights.

My advice to Zeba is that she should take some time out from her Miley Cyrus fascination and penchant for tweeting on the (slightly dodgy) #peakwhitness hashtag to have another go at reading her favourite comic book.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 07.10.25

As the Femnazi sensibly points out, when someone isn’t experiencing equitable treatment everyone else who is should have the common decency to recognise this and get their finger out to start building towards something better.

If Zeba seriously believes that every man in every situation is having a better day than every women in this world then I guess that she must have been having a pretty shitty day herself.

And if she seriously believes that any inequalities predominately affecting men deserve to be ridiculed rather than recognised until the day every single major disadvantage or micro-aggression impacting on (the extremely diverse collective called) women has been banished from this earth then, in my humble subjective opinion, she is championing a hybrid of feminism that will do little to improve the lot of most women.

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To extend that comic book metaphor just a little bit further, I guess that in some parallel universe somewhere the recently disgraced Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt wasn’t fired by UCL despite arrogantly announcing that it’s not actually technically possible for him to be sexist because he’s a man, whilst explaining to all the unsophisticated whinny women babies out there that those #killallblackwomen tweets were actually ‘ironic’ and just the way folks like him chose to express themselves these days…

Sadly in this universe you can only get away with that sort of behaviour if you’re actually employed to promote equality and champion the welfare of UCL’s students as Bahar Mustafa recently proved so spectacularly.

This week a mens rights group were banned from marching in the Toronto gay pride march using the same passive aggressive ‘safe space’ logic that got Bahar Mustafa into so much bother a few weeks ago,  I wonder if the Huffington Post will have anything to say about that…?

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