Under the Bridge


Initial Thoughts on the Ugly Side of Gender Journalism

So the observations included over the next few pages where actually the very first things I wrote for this blog.

I decided to kick things off with a quick ‘snap shot’ of the current standards of mainstream gender journalism.  So I picked articles from The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Independent and the Huffington Post and just started writing.

My conclusion was that while the ‘journalists’ who write these sort of articles may present themselves as champions of 21st Century feminism, they are not. They may genuinely comfort themselves with a warm, self-satisfied belief that they are, but they are not.

Worst still, to have reached the summit of mainstream media journalism and have acquired the not unprivileged position of pontificating on perceptions of other people’s privilege, it seems highly unlikely that they haven’t developed some level of cynically self-serving instinct towards what sells and what is ultimately going to help them get ahead in life.

In short, they are simply trolls generating ‘click bait’ and they, their editors and the majority of people (mostly men) who take the time to comment on this style of ‘journalism’ know this.


The worst thing about them is that they are stepping over their ‘sisters’ in order to feather their own nests. They selectively use REAL statistics to find misogyny in the strangest of places, even rampant western consumerism (?!?) and when they do this, they also step over the women who experience REAL injustices in this country and beyond.

If you have read the featured articles, I think that it goes without saying that they are also stepping over men. The sad but dangerous irony is that if the conclusion Alison Wolf draws from her analysis of the exact same statistics is accurate, then they are also stepping over approximately 80% of women.  Women that serve them their Coffee Moccha Chokas, keep their grocery shelves fresh and possibly even play a comparatively low paid but not insignificant role in their children’s development and happiness.



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