For the Uninitiated: Ironic Sexism


Ironic Sexism (or Ironic Misandry): is an inside joke between feminists and queer feminists where they knowingly appropriate man-hating language for ironic purposes.

The intention is to satirize women who say they are not feminists because they love men and the misguided popular notion that all feminists are men haters.

The exact origins of the term are uncertain but it’s popularity with young feminists using social media is often attributed to  an article for Slate in 2014 by Amanda Hess.

Ironic misandrists have popularised ‘ironic’ anti male social media tropes’ such as #killallmen#Maletears and #notallmen

Hess claims that ‘Ironic misandry‘ serves two main purposes, it can be employed to mock anti-feminists and also helps to build rapport and solidarity between likeminded feminists.

male tears

Young feminists have taken to deploying the claim of “misandry” like a parlor game, competing to push the idea of a vast, anti-man conspiracy to its most gleefully absurd limits.

The ironic misandrist sips from a mug marked “MALE TEARS,” frosts her cakes with the phrase “KILL ALL MEN,” and affixes “MISANDRY” heart pins to her lapel. Amanda Hess

Some advocates of the Ironic Sexism phenomenon believe that women cannot be sexist to men, because sexism describe structures of privilege that exclusively favour white men

Ironic sexism should not be confused with hipsister sexism.

Some feminists such as Time Magazine’s Sarah Begley argue that the nuances involved in this form of humor is lost on most people, and that it’s rise in popularity is actually terrible PR for feminism.

A spokeswoman for the internet has confirmed that the trend will begin to become less fashionable when Lena Dunham does it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 14.17.46


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