For the Uninitiated: Hipsister Sexism


Hipsister sexism: Involves the use of overtly anti-male language or behaviour in an attempt to appear controversial, edgy or to simply undermine men.

Informed by previous concepts such as of ‘hipster racism / sexism’, the term was coined by Gender Mereologist EyeisBloke in 2015.

Hipsister Sexists have co-opted the tropes and behaviours of Ironic Misandrists to mask genuine anti-male beliefs and sentiments.  Hipsister Sexism is a distancing gesture which promotes the belief that overtly anti-male language can be excused by simply mirroring the ‘only joking defense’ often employed by men engaged in overtly misogynistic behaviour.


Hipssister sexists promote ‘ironic sexist’ trends such as #killallmen and #Maletears and are also strong advocates of the tactic or ridiculing or criticising pro-male trends or campaigns such as #blameonenotall and more generally attacking anyone promoting the concept of equal rights for men.

There are broadly two types of hipsister sexists.  Some genuinely harbour deep-seated hatred and/or prejudice towards men as a homogenous group, however many are often quite fond of the men in their life and have a more complex motivation for engaging in blatant misandy.

This second grouping are either motivated by a genuine belief that any focus on ‘male rights’ poses a direct threat to advocates of ‘female rights’ (particularly in relation to funding or special status), or more cynically by the understanding that misandry can be good for their preferred business model or career path.

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