For the Uninitiated: Man Slamming

manslamming: refusing to yield to a fellow pedestrian such that a collision inevitably ensues. It is (usually) done by men, (usually) at the expense of women.

The phrase was coined by New York ‘Experimental Feminist’ and Trade Union Activist Beth Breslaw who conducted an experiment where for two months she refused to get out of other people’s way when walking down busy streets.  While most women swerved to avoided collision, Breslaw reports that a significant proportion of men did not get out of her way.


Fortunately not every not every columnist writing for Guardian women have a default position involving male tears so I’ll let Arwa Mahdawi explain this one…

‘Experimental feminism follows a simple four-step procedure: 1) You come up with a hypothesis that will make a good headline; 2) test out that hypothesis under conditions that mean it will probably be proved right; 3) come up with a snappy neologism that describes said hypothesis; 4) write it up in a blogpost. Extra credits if you have a YouTube video.

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