For the Uninitiated


Uninitiated: without special knowledge or experience. (Eg: ‘the discussion wasn’t easy to follow for the uninitiated’).

Have you ever found yourself being intimidated in a discussion about gender equality because your position has been seemingly demolished by an apparent mountain of research findings and statistics? Or perhaps you’re just nodding politely because you don’t really understand what people are actually talking about? My advice to you is don’t be intimidated, get initiated.

For the Uninitiated #1: The Basics

Sex Discrimination

Sex Discrimination: Thru the Looking Glass

The Glass Ceiling

The Apex Fallacy

For the Uninitiated #2: Gender Mereologisms

The Glass Blind Spot

The Glass Looking Glass

Data Privilege



For the Uninitiated #3: ManSlamming







For the Uninitiated #4: 50 Shades of isims

Hipster Racism

Hipster Sexism

Ironic Sexism

Hipsister Sexism

For the Uninitiated #5: Equality Champions

Erin Prizey


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