Conversations that will blow your mind


Welcome to conversations that will blow your mind, which is essentially my little hall of fame to celebrate some of the thinkers and truth seekers of this world by sharing some of their thoughts with you.

I plan to add new inductees every month so check back regularly for fresh inspiration.


George Carlin – The Ten Commandments: The late great New York comedian George Carlin deconstructs the Ten Commandments in 5 minutes.


#1. James Corbett – The Net is Mightier than the Sword: Given the fact that the title of this page was actually inspired by one of James’s excellent podcasts, I thought it was only fair that he should be the first inductee.  If you want an insightful, intelligent and independent analysis of the geopolitical chess board then is the place to go. In this Tedx talk James explains why the world wide web is the most important invention since the printing press.


#2.William Pepper – The Execution of Martin Luther King: One of the lectures featured in that Corbett Report podcast was this one by a human rights lawyer that you won’t hear George Clooney talking about. In it, William Pepper talks about the remarkable and rarely acknowledged trial concerning the very political assassination of Martin Luther King.


#3. Neil Kramer – The Impulse to Believe:  Neil is a philosopher and esoteric teacher specializing in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, shamanism, and ancient mystical disciplines.   You can find out more about him at

If you fancy spending an hour trying to get your head round concepts like consensus reality tunnels, sensorial containment and neo-phobic shut down, then I can highly recommend this lecture on Guerrilla Psychonautics.

That said, the reason I decided to feature this talk so early is to draw your attention to a brief introductory segment where Neil offers some very sound advice on the best way to explore challenging information, particularly in areas that might challenge deeply held beliefs.

So give the first five minutes a go and you never know, you might just find yourself sticking around for the rest of a truly  fascinating lecture on the mysteries of reality.



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