For the Uninitiated: Dongle

A Dongle (in computing) is a small device able to be connected to and used with a computer, especially to allow access to wireless broadband or use of protected software.


In 2013 a female internet evangelist overheard a male computer developer crack a joke about ‘big dongles’ at a conference they were both attending.  She voiced her dissaproval via social media which sadly triggered a series of events which lead to both of them losing their jobs, a virulent debate about women in technology, another virulent debate about public shaming, and a DDOS attack from the Hacker Group Anonymous.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 19.50.00

A Dongle: (In Gender Mereology) is as person who believes that they (or others) should be allowed more access to equal rights and/or protection under equality legislation than everybody else.


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