The Glass Blindspot – Spring Collection

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Eyeisbloke and wether you are or wether you aren’t, you are most welcome to my humble blog.

This is my second collection of writing on the theme of Glass Blindspotism. You can read the full collection, including bonus content by starting RIGHT HERE or you can choose from the following:

Sexism in Social Media

In the 4 months since I started this blog, I’ve learnt quite a lot about social media. Possibly my biggest discovery to date is working out that the difference that makes the difference between #everydaysexism and @everydaysexism is, perhaps unsurprisingly good olde fashioned everydaysexism.

I’ve also looked at a similar twitter led phenomenon called #questions for men and how radical feminist Clementine Ford  and the media outlets who pandered her propaganda weren’t remotely interested in listening to   #answers from men.

Sexism in the Media

Elsewhere I start a new regular section called Glass Eye examining examples of sexism or bias apparent in articles which at first glance appear to be championing concepts of equality. This season I’ve considered the Independent and their priorities on International Woman’s Day, a tall tale about the recession and I-100’s rising star . Dina Rickman’s  prolific services to glass spotisim.

I also look at the Daily Telegraph / Radhika Sanghani’s attempt to argue that 2 + 2.4 = 3.4, take a tentative step down the rabbit hole to examine Laura Bates’ conspiracy of silence before tumbling all the way to the bottom and straight thru the other side of the looking glass to discover the Guardian’s extremely Orwellian approach to comment moderation.

Having experienced the moderators censorship at first hand I’ve subsequently committed to submitting a comment a day  and keep a record of what they decide to censor.

For the Uninitiated

Have you ever found yourself being intimidated in a discussion about gender equality because your position has been seemingly demolished by an apparent mountain of research findings? Or perhaps you’re just nodding politely because you don’t really understand what people are actually talking about? My advice to you is don’t be intimidated, get initiated.

This season I’ve taken a look at the twitter storms in a teacup that were #shirtstorm and #twirlgate and recall the remarkable Erin Prizey and her even more remarkable story.

Gender Politics

Seeing as it’s election season, I’ve written a series of posts on that general theme. I take a look at Mike Buchanan’s Justice for Men party and how they would propose to make this world a better place.  In the interest of balance I also consider the possibility of a Feminist party and the very real possibility of a  female President

I ponder the pros and con’s of quotas, discuss everydaysexism with a Labour Councillor and go back in time to consider a warning from history.

To conclude

I wrap this season up with a spot of poetry but not before bringing your attention to some other goodies including APEorAlien? #dog&deer Special,   wordsofwitwisdom&wonderfromtheworldwideweb  and last but not least hold a mirror up to bell-end bloke behavior via my first set of inductions into   EYEisBloke’s Hall of Utter Shame.

To read the whole collection in order with bonus content: START HERE
I sincerely hope that you get something out of something and whether you do or wether you don’t please feel free to leave a comment.

Be seeing you!



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