Gender Politics #6: The Hilary Question


So apparently some people have recently been asking the question Is the world ready for a female president?

In the unlikely event that you are one of those people, I politely suggest that you should go back to begin and consider the Moran Code which informs EYEisBloke’s gender mereology efforts.

On the other if you find yourself asking the question should Hilary Clinton be the next President then you’re on the right page.


The most compelling argument I’ve heard in favour of this possibility goes something like ‘well, would you rather have Jeb Bush?’.  But obviously that’s the sort of argument that fourth grade children would see thru…


Back in the real world there are any number of reasons why Mrs Clinton should not be the next, so called Leader of the, so called free world…. From her email policy, to Benghazi, to her voting record in the Senate, to the Clinton Foundation, to Saudi Money, to many misrememberings, to nannygate, to troopergate, to travel gate, to whitewatergate, etc, etc, etc.

But if I had to pick just one reason why for me the answer is a patently obvious NO, it would be the massive mark against her character and respect for women’s rights arising from her determination to stand by her man and dare to dream of a day when he might roam the corridors of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave once again.

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