To Conclude

So I thought I’d finish this collection with a rare burst of poetry over the page.   Before I do let me draw your attention to a few new additions to this blog’ just in case you haven’t had enough already…



Rickman’s Man’s World 

Is an occasional spin off from the Glass Eye series dedicated to documenting Independent journalist Dina Rickman’s current very prolific efforts to promote the discipline of glass spotisim.


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.36.49

Set My Comment Free

Ever since the Guardian put me in comment is free censor’s boot camp I’ve been submitting a comment a day for their moderator’s approval and documenting the curiously mixed results.



EYEisBloke’s Hall of Utter Shame

A crash course in how not to talk to women on social media for the benefit of the total dicks out there who manage to give us blokes such a bad name.




On the lighter end of the spectrum I can recomend the #questionsformensch#censorship and #dog&deer specials.

wonder web

EYEisBloke’s WordsofWitWisdom&WonderfromtheWorldWideWeb

Right then thanks for reading, I hope you got something out of something.  Whether you have or whether you haven’t please feel free to leave a comment.  All things being equal EYE will return in the summer…

Be seeing you

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