Glass Eye: Unpeople


unperson: a person whose existence is officially denied or ignored esp. in a totalitarian country, where for political or ideological reasons a person is not recognized or mentioned by the government or the news media.  George Orwell


(Nikolai Yezhov walking with Stalin. Following his execution Yezhov became an “unperson” and was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors.)

One conspiracy theory that Laura Bates may be familiar with is the suggestion that second wave feminism was hijacked by the C.I.A in the 1960’s to divide the left and break up the traditional family model.  I would suspect that most self-respecting feminists will tell you that this is absolute poppycock but propaganda like Radhika Sanghani’s recent contribution in the Daily Telegraph doesn’t exactly help the case of the debunkers.

In Men Pay 15% of Funds. Women Pay the Rest, Radhika proposes a narrative suggesting that a staggering £22 billion (85%) out of £26 billion garnered by the Government in direct taxes and cuts to social spending, come directly out of the pockets of women.

Apparently this is based on Gloria De Piero MP’s analysis of a report hot of the press from the Ministry of Truth, although Sanghani unhelpfully fails to provide a link to the actual report, so it’s impossible to check her sums.

De Piero’s not helping matters either because her office haven’t released a statement on this and based on my search Sanghani is the only person in the entire internet who’s privy to the current logic of the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities and co-pilot of Harriet Harmon’s now infamous cerise, magenta pink van.

“This tells you all you need to know about the Tory Lib Dem approach to Government – it’s to hit women and families hardest.” Gloria De Piero, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities

De Piero appears to have a severe case of the Glass Blindspots and Sanghani doesn’t do her journalistic credibility any favours by cutting and pasting the party line without examining exactly how 2 + 2.4 = 3.4.


Put simply, this narrative is largely based on the audacious, insulting and painfully regular phenomenon of well paid adult professional adder-uppers believing that the words family and woman are entirely interchangeable.  Let’s face it, as every good feminist knows, men make absolutely no contribution whatsoever to the modern family unit (well, positive anyway) and can therefore be completely ignored when it comes to equations relating to such things as woman only worries such as family tax credits and childcare costs.


(CGI effects in the new series of modern family were underwhelming)

I sincerely hope someone else is behind the wheel for the women to women tour because, based on this significant blind spot, any men attempting to cross the road are liable to be mowed down, especially if they are on their way to pick up the kids.

Just to extend the insanity of this quite blatantly discriminatory logic, if Labour did somehow manage to stumble into Government they are going to seriously struggle to put any state funded benefits into the ‘exclusive’ pockets of women whatsoever if they completely ignore men when it comes to collecting the significant majority of income tax contributions.

war on dads

 What a time to be alive!

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