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So the article i-was-shipped-a-dick-and-it-triggered-a-security-incident-at-work wasn’t actually submitted by Dina but I thought it merited inclusion in Rickman’s Man’s World because of what it says about working environments.

I’m not entirely sure exactly what Dina’s position is when it comes to dick jokes but judging by her recent piece about the (phnarw) large hard on collider, I reckon she’s probably up for a laugh when it suits her.

Which is why I found her I-100 comrade Christopher Hooton’s sorry tale about the fate of his 3ft cardboard phallus somewhat curious…

Possibly inevitably, someone, quite possibly coasting in or around minimum wage, got the job of removing it…

Which is fair enough when it’s fair enough.   In my humble subjective opinion, it’s certainly fair enough that a population of diverse sensibilities are protected and equally & reasonably respected within a shared space.  I’m sure the legal department of such an esteemed institution as the Independent reckon it’s fair enough that their interpretation of the reasonable steps defence for avoiding sexual harassment suits is listened to…

Dick jokes have their place in the world, after all they have a long (phnarw)and celebrated history.  Who knows, they might even occasionally be the best response to unreasonably hostile working environments.  My question is this, what’s more offensive and intimidating … the Independent’s brief phallic phenomenon or the Guardian’s sustained and painfully overt protests based on professional people’s personal prejudiced perceptions about the alleged patriarchy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 09.27.05 Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 09.26.50

Say what you like about lawyers, but they tend not to place their blind faith in the selfish, sexist, sustainability of any one individual’s preference to be heard solely within the bubble of their own preferred echo chamber…

Just sayin…



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  1. I don’t see the phrase ‘fuck the patriarchy’ as intimidating, as my understanding of the term ‘patriarchy’ is the idea of male superiority throughout society that our societies were built up on. If it said ‘fuck men’, I’d get angry. Unless it meant it literally :p

    • Thanks for the comment Squitchtweak. I totally accept that many people will not find the phrase or the sign to be intimidating. The point i’m making is that some people quite obviously might and any employer with a basic understanding of equality laws will understand that in the event of a discrimination law suit they (not Jesse) would have to justify it’s display in a shared space.

      The main point I’m trying to make is that (for me) there appears to be a MASSIVE double standard at play given that the person who displayed the sign considers herself qualified to write preachy articles about how to make workplaces less intimidating.

      Amazingly a Trade Union Rep tweeted me yesterday to infer that there is no such thing as reverse sexism. He may even genuinely believe this but anyone who knows the first thing about employment rights will tell you that everyone is equally protected by equality laws. I don’t particularly find dick jokes or cartoon space ladies offensive but I’m realistic enough to know that some people in this world do. So I guess the main point I’m trying to make is that some Guardian journalists might happily like to have their cake and eat it, while drinking a nice cup of tea in a male tears mug but most adults will understand that many, many people might find her mug quite offensive.

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