Another Question (for the CiF Moderation Team)

From: Eye is Bloke <>
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Pre-moderation Appeal
To:, Community Suggestions <>
Hi Cif Moderation,

For some reason my CIF account has been singled out for pre-moderation and I’m writing to enquire about the process for appealing this decision.

I’ve been advised that my account was flagged because 4 comments breached community guideline 7 (by linking to (relevant) posts on my blog).

I was actually bounced into pre-moderation after just two comments and the justification for this appears muddled given that your FAQ guidance says it’s ok to link to your blog as long as it’s relevant to the discussion / comment.

I’ve acknowledged that one (of my two) comments was quite short so may have reasonably been mistaken as spam and I have committed to be more careful on this point and also avoid links to my blog until the guidance on this is reviewed.

Despite this I’m still experiencing problems. Last night 4 out 5 attempts to join the discussion under Naomi Wolf’s article: ‘The fastest way to spread extremism is with the censor’s boot’ were (ironically enough) censored.

If it’s not possible to appeal I would like to lodge a complaint, ideally under your equal opportunity policy (assuming you have one).

Some of my followers have suggested that, based on their own similar experiences, I may have been singled out for ‘pre-moderation’ treatment because my (two) comments included criticisms of the author’s perspective in articles about gender equality.

If the real reason I have been censored is because EYEisBloke, then I would appreciate if you were at least upfront about this so I can then decide not to waste any more of my time attempting to involve myself in rigged debates.

I’ve kept track of what comments have and haven’t been approved since I was tagged for pre-moderation status (you can see them here: Hopefully you’ll agree that they are non-offensive and pretty tame compared to many of the comments you do allow. I appreciate Kincora is currently under investigation but even then I didn’t say anything you didn’t report yourself the same day (

I expected better from the Guardian, I really did.

Be seeing you.





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