Glass Eye: Every Day is White Boy Day.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, coverage of International Women’s Day threw up a couple of articles worth taking a second look at through the glass eye.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should establish that I increasingly struggle with one very particular aspect of International Woman’s Day which some of the Independent’s coverage exemplifies.

I’m not one to grumble about ‘International Days’ generally, although I do sometimes worry about not always being 100% up to speed with what day falls when and what particular issue I should be considering on which exact day.  Given their increasing frequency I think that is a forgivable gripe.

In fairness, you’d struggle not to notice International Woman’s Day coming down the tracks, especially if you’re the type of person who (for some bizarre reason) chooses to spend part of their free time blogging on gender quality matters. Not that I take any issue with that fact, or the fact that various publicly funded Offices make such a big noise about it.

As a male member of the collective commonly called the human race, I’m not even bothered about the fact that the London centric gender equality media coverage essentially extend the celebrations to a fortnight from the start of Women of the World Festival the week before to Mothers Day the following Sunday. I welcome it even, after all EYEisBloke, I love women and think that their brilliance, beauty, wisdom and collective contribution to society should be celebrated at every opportunity.

While one of our sister’s is still subjected to forced marriage, genital mutilation, rape, jailed for driving a car or getting fired for getting pregnant (and the rest) then IWD has relevance. Even under the unlikely eventuality that future generations experience some sort of gender utopia it would still seem like a sign of a healthy world that at least one day of the year was marked out to celebrate the wonder, wisdom and wealth women bring to (and into) this world.

There were plenty of positive, informative  and serious articles in and around IWD and then EYEisBloke regular  Dina Rickman offered up this humble contribution to a day designed to celebrate women which was duly echoed by Ben Tuftt’s slightly slanted piece in the adult section of the same paper on the same day.

Both of which can best be summarized by the observation I left in the comments section:

So rising above the predictable every day is international men’s day punchlines (never get’s old ladies!), I thought I might as well point out that the Independent (and it’s I100 creche) carried as may pieces about IMD today as they did last November. In both cases the parent paper ran an article questioning whether we really need an IMD (answer no, obviously) while the I100 opted for a more straight up piss take. EiB

In case you’re wondering this is Dina’s hilarious contribution to mark ‘the one day of the calendar which is all about men’,

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