Heforshe: A Problem for She

The HeForShe website includes a geo-locator map to keep track of the number of pledges received to date as they work towards its goal of engaging 1 billion men and boys by July 2015.

The Monday after Emma Watson’s Davos speech EYEisBloke did a quick analysis of the available data to get a sense of how things are going.

By the 26th January 2015, #heforeshe had received 209706 pledges.  To put that in context that’s 0.02% of the 1,000,000,000 goal they have set themselves for six months time.  Not great, but in my humble subjective opinion, what I think is more significant is the shakedown of where in the world those pledges are coming from.

0.2% come from the 10 countries ranked lowest in UN’s own Gender Equality Index.  That Includes a grand total of 0.1% from Saudi Arabia (4th Lowest).

18% Come from the 10 countries ranked highest in UN’s Gender Equality Index, including 0.5% Come from Switzerland (4th Highest) and annual host of Davos.

55% Come from G7 countries which includes 47% from the USA & UK alone.

My observation is that the message isn’t reaching men in the countries where a pledge from he might have mots meaning and merit.  So far a lot of media noise has resulted in half the relatively small number of pledges coming from just two countries. The very same two countries where (in her own words) Emma’s has enjoyed a ‘life of sheer privilege’ and the opportunity to make ‘enough money never to have to work again” before she could even vote.

Meanwhile the person (probably a woman) making all that noise on social media on Emma’s behalf doesn’t even make appear to even make minimum wage.




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