For the Uninitiated: Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination: is treating someone less favourably because of their sex. Legislation has developed to protect women (and men) from different types of sex discrimination such as direct discrimination, harassment and indirect discrimination (which is where a policy is applied equally to everyone but particularly disadvantages women).

B6JLW-3CAAAEFUoFor example: UK Government austerity measures affect women disproportionately in areas such as education, services, benefits and employment. Two women are losing local government jobs for every man and women’s unemployment is at a 24 year high.


Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 12.27.20

It’s generally understood that, both collectively and individually, girls growing up in 21st Century Britain will experience disadvantages and challenges in their lifetime but no matter how thin you slice something there’s always another side.

Follow Alice through the looking glass to see:

looking glass

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