For the Uninitiated

Uninitiated: without special knowledge or experience.

Eg: ‘the discussion wasn’t easy to follow for the uninitiated’.


Have you ever found yourself being intimidated in a discussion about gender equality because your position has been demolished by an apparent mountain of research findings? Or perhaps you’re just nodding politely because you don’t really understand what people are actually talking about? My advice to you is don’t be intimidated, get initiated.

Information is power and, as the next page highlights, unchecked information can be abused and serve to unfairly disarm people who don’t necessarily agree with the supporting narrative.

So I’ve decided to include an ongoing series of pages under the banner ‘For the Uninitiated’. ¬†Writing these pages will also help me get my own head around some of the #trending concepts, give me the opportunity to express my own subjective opinions about them BUT my intention is to always include an unbiased and hopefully plain english explanation so that people can make their own minds up.

I’ll even occasionally throw in one or two concepts of my own, starting with the one on the next page.


Next Page | Data Privilege


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