For the Uninitiated: Equality Champion

Equality Champions act as leaders for diversity and equality. They work to  promote environments where everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and sometimes other personal characteristics.

I decided to include this page because I’m conscious that on previous pages I’ve used the, slightly flippant expression,  ‘gender equality champion‘ feminist.  In the interest of full disclosure, I thought I should clarify that this is not an attempt to mock or undermine the extremely valuable and competent work that many equality champions and feminists are involved in.

It is instead my simple and visual way of a emphasising a phenomenon I have observed where women lobbying exclusively for the interests of women pass themselves as champions and experts in Gender Equality.

In my humble subjective opinion,  there is absolutely nothing wrong with lobbying exclusively for the interests of women but you are not a Gender Equality Champion if you only pay lip service to, ignore, mock or actively demonise 49% of the people you purport to protect.

Years ago I stumbled into the tail end of a drinks get together to mark the departure of one of my mate’s co-workers.  I arrived just in time to hear his CEO give a long fawning speech about how brilliant this lady was and especially emphasised her work and commitment as a gender equality champion for the company.  Anyway, as the night went on it became increasingly clear, from various jokes and comments people were making, that she was more commonly understood to be a campaigner for women’s rights (particularly when it came to promotion panels) and to put it mildly, and with more discretionary language than was used on the night, there appeared to be very little evidence that she liked men let alone acted as a champion of their interests and rights.

I’ve often heard women laugh off evidence of male disadvantage with the half joking retort that we are simply getting what we deserve after centuries of privilege and domination.  Most of them are married to men, some have sons and at least one of them had a husband, a son and a nice public salary, paid in return for her work as an Equality Champion.  I reckon she missed a few modules when she was developing her ‘expertise’.


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