Everyday Sexisim?

The impact and success of the everyday sexism project is to be celebrated, especially given it’s humble beginnings. Mind you, I was genuinely disappointed to discover that it doesn’t appear to carry any examples of everyday sexism experienced by men.

I understand that overwhelming proportion of people experiencing sexual attacks on public transport will be women and the work Laura and her team of volunteers have done to raise awareness on this issue commendable. Nevertheless, since the project seeks to capture a spectrum of sexism spanning all the way to the everyday niggling and normalized, I’m not trying to be funny when I say that their apparent lack of solidarity towards men seems flawed.

In fairness, I’ve only been following their twitter feed for a month but it does appear to exclusively capture examples of sexism experienced by women. I have written to enquire about this but one week later I’m still waiting for a reply.

This may be simply that her team is simply too busy to reply but I am beginning to wonder if it’s cos EYEisBloke. At the end of the day #EDSP’s isn’t publicly funded and it’s their prerogative and right to set their own boundaries.  That said, given Laura’s ambitions for our schools and workplaces is it unreasonable to ask if men are being filtered out of her own widely lauded history book?

To be continued.


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