Everyday Sexism – A Question?

I have a question about the everydaysexisim project.

Do they invite / feature examples of sexism experienced by men?

In fairness, I’ve only been following their twitter feed for a while but it does appear to exclusively capture examples of sexism experienced by women. Fair enough if that’s their thing but I thought I’d try and clarify one way or other.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 08.30.22

My initial tweets on the subject received no response and so I figured that maybe they’re just too busy to reply to every Tina, Dina and Harry that reaches out to them.  In fairness, it’s run by volunteers, I’m sure they get a lot of tweets and given Mike Buchanon’s alternative sexism project , perhaps they were a bit weary or jaded when it came to my sort of observation.

So I wrote directly to the main contact email listed on the website.

Eye is Bloke <eyeisbloke@gmail.com>

21 Jan 2015
Hi Laura,

Firstly well done to everyone involved in the project. It’s always inspiring and encouraging to see initiatives like yours bringing a fresh approach to issues and succeeding from humble beginnings.

I blog on gender equality issues and have a sincere / serious question for you thou. Why don’t you invite / feature examples of sexism experienced by men?

Apologies in advance if I’m wrong about this. Based on the name of the project and details on your twitter feed, for some time I assumed that you did but when I had a proper look at your website it appears that you only feature contributions from women.


I’m not sure if it’s cause Eye is Bloke but I never got a reply

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