APEorALIEN? #January Blues Special


The response to #CharlieHebdo should be to reprint his work and spread it wider than his killers could have thought possible. @louisemensch

1. Animal Cracker


2. Disclaimer of the month.


to those critiquing my ‘his’ in Charlie Hebdo I am referring to the cartoonist, as well as magazine.  @louisemensch

3. Vocational Guidance of the Month


Cartoons seem v similar to me.  I assume one man drew cartoons and others worked on the mag to print them. I support all of their free expression and have RTed *his* work  @louisemensch

4. T-shirt of the Month.


BTW, Seems I was right about the #CharlieHebdo cartoonist in question being one man judging by the signature… so yes, HIS work @louisemensch

5. Bear Rescue of the Month

(and yes I do assume the cartoonist was a man) @louisemensch

6. Wisdom of the Month


I just RTed a #CharlieHebdo cartoon offensive to Jews, too. Not because I wish to offend Jews, #freespeech @louisemensch

7. Photo of the Month


‘Here is an anti-Hindu cartoon now’ @louisemensch

8. Music from My Memoryhole

One day later….

@mirabarhillel tweets disgusting antisemitism using “Juifs”, the French word for Jews. She’s a racist, an anti-semite. cc @commentisfree ‘ @louisemensch

9. Letters of note:

    Freedom of Speech                 Groupies should be sent home without breakfast

‘@louisemensch By the way, I am also a holocaust survivor. Use that in your next tweet.’‬ ‪@mirabarhillel

10. Rabbit hole of the Month

rabbit hole

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