APEorAlien #2014 Special


It’s enough to put a fella off free speech… the problem about finding out what people think is…you find out what they think. Who are these people? Well if they put their real names to their invective then I guess they are people like me – people with the audacity to think they have a thought or a feeling that others should hear about… if they are hiding, I’m not interested.

Bono Vox (real name Paul Hewson) blogging about the blogosphere

Headline of the Year: zombie ashopalypse


Website of the Year: animals sucking at jumping

Song of the Year

Yurt of the Year

Film of the Year

Goal of the Year

Bear of the Year

Other Film of the Year

Other Yurt of the Year

Couple of the Year

Discovery of the Year

Conspiracy of the Year: ISIS – Courtesy of 21st Century Wire

Joke of the Year

Q: What do you get if you cross a mouse with a moose?  A: A mouse or a moose.


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