Truth Seeker

A Truth Seeker: is someone with an active interest in seeking knowledge that withstands the tests of empirical, evidence, logic, and common sense.  They are someone with an open mind who is dedicated to seeking the truth but do not  necessarily claim to know it.

I decided that that this best defines my interest and understanding of a discipline that has become an incredibly popular western pastime and phenomenon since the dawn of the internet.

For convenience, I did briefly consider employing a more universally recognized term that does bear some relation to the discipline I describe.  However as well as not accurately describing my particular interest, it is also a term that is increasingly employed in the pejorative become so divisive that I would have needed a much longer lead in definition at the top of this page.  For the uninitiated I am talking about…

Conspiracy theorist:

A person who doubts the generally accepted account of an event, believing that an official conspiracy exists to conceal the true explanation.

Someone the suspects that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public;

Someone with a mind so open that it has fallen out.

A simple minded individual who takes comfort from projecting a grandiose socio-political explanation onto something in order to help them overcome the insecurity of encountering random, unpredictable, or otherwise inexplicable events.

Someone experiencing the product of various kinds and stages of thought disorder, such as paranoid disposition, ranging in severity to diagnosable mental illnesses.

A term used by pro-establishment entities and political figures to enforce conformity.  It may also be used as an extremely useful tool for cover-ups, although this is not currently believed very much.

A contemptuous term used primarily by the mainstream media to slander or ruin the reputation of anyone who questions or challenges their monopoly on truth.

A term employed as an ad hominem attack by a person who is either losing a debate or wishes to avoid an open and honest discussion on a particular subject.

A person with an inconsistent set of beliefs containing a kernel of truth that attempt to explain social order by means of secret and diabolical plans by the “power elite” on a massive global and historical scale. Generally propagated by individuals who have been rejected by their own intimate social circles or failed to enter their circles of choice (Family, popularity, jobs etc.).  This world view provides a dual escape by explaining why they were never able to meet their full potential (i.e. the system is keeping me down!) whilst also providing a sense of intellectual superiority over their fellow man.  Ultimately such detachment from reality leads to a death spiral of ignorance where the only knowledge they will consider to be legitimate are those (mostly internet) “sources” that confirm their own destructive bias; further expelling them into the darkness of their own paranoid imaginations.

A person with a penchant for tinfoil / aluminum hats.

A person with a broadband connection and an inquisitive mind.

A simple exercise to help you establish which of the above definitions you are most naturally aligned with is to watch the following video.  When doing so simply ask yourself what it is you see whilst drawing upon any relevant information you may have acquired over time, the available empirical evidence, logic, and common sense.


Having completed this exercise please take a further moment to consider the Nietzschean concept that absolute Truth is unattainable and that all language is ultimately metaphor.

Apparently the great philosopher Nietzsche once said that ‘we have arranged for ourselves a world in which we can live – by positing bodies, lines, planes, causes and effects, motion and rest, form and content; without these articles of faith nobody could now endure life. But that does not prove them. Life is no argument. The conditions of life might include error….’

Then again by the time of his death he was considered by many of his peers to be something of a ‘mentalist’ so such lofty concepts shouldn’t discourage you from seeking your own truth.  Especially in an age when there is still plenty of light available at the end the working day and the world’s largest library available at your finger tips.

I’ll let one of the best truth seekers of the modern age (IMHO) have the last few words…


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