Introducing… EYEisBloke

eye Hello, EYEisBloke and you are most sincerely welcome to my humble blog.  Assuming that anyone else stumbles across these pages, over the next few months we will discover if I have anything worthwhile to say and if anything I do say is worth taking up any of your valuable time.

The primary purpose for developing the EYEisBloke blog / twitter feed is to provide me (a very average bloke) with a moniker for learning, engaging in and perhaps even sometimes encouraging online discussion and debate principally on the subject of gender equality.  As the moniker suggests EYEisBloke (EiB) will offer some input (and possibly insight) from the male perspective and particularly hopes to challenge and highlight examples of everyday misandry.

If you’re wondering why EYEisBloke…?…well the answer is as straightforward, serious, self deprecating and multilayered as I can sometimes be.  It is a statement of fact (I is indeed a bloke), it’s a statement of pride (I is Bloke and I’m proud) and it’s a playful nod to the old Ali G joke and the fact that (rightly or wrongly) anyone and everyone can sometimes feel like they’ve been disadvantaged by someone else’s prejudice or ignorance (Is it cos…I is bloke?).

EiB fully acknowledges the difficulties, disadvantages, harassment and discrimination that women can experience in this complex and sometimes unjust world that we live in.  EiB is a loving husband, a mother’s son and very much hopes to be father some day very soon.  EIB will challenge any misogynistic comments.  EiB is NOT about challenging or rejecting feminism.  EiB IS ALL about considering gender diversity, duality, discrimination, difference, dependence, independence and most importantly interdependence from the perspective of a middle age, middle class, white man.

This blog and related twitter feed will reflect the thoughts, tastes, interests and subjective opinions of it’s author, I aim to throw in a bit of geo-politics, pop culture and comedy into the mix as I go and I sincerely hope you find something of interest to you along my timeline. EiB

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